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How We Help

We’ve spent years working with federal employees and retirees. Many of our clients express frustration when it comes to navigating all the savings programs and options you have as a federal employee. From FERS to TSP, BBP to health insurance, there are so many options (and acronyms) to sort through.


Other clients have struggled to figure out what their first 5-10 years of retirement should look like. Should they become an independent contractor? Join a company as an employee? Start a business? What are the income potentials and tax ramifications of each option? On top of that, we all want to make sure we protect our retirement so we don’t either become a burden on our children, or pay too much in taxes due to poor or nonexistent tax planning.


Our years of expertise have allowed us to build a business specifically to serve you and the challenges you face as a retiring (or retired) member of the federal employee community. We’re ideally situated to help guide you down the proper path in your years leading up to retirement, and we have the expertise in tax and business formation to simplify how to structure a new venture after retirement. On top of that, we have a simple, straightforward fee structure so you know exactly what to expect. No hidden costs or fees, just straightforward information so you know what to expect and exactly what it will cost you.

As a division of Dominguez Wealth Management Solutions, we believe in a fully integrated approach to financial planning. Investment decisions, tax strategies, and long term goals all affect your financial plan, which is why we create a comprehensive plan that covers all aspects of your financial life.

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